The Future of California Highway Finance

Conference Proceedings
Brown, Jeffrey, Michele DiFrancia, Mary C. Hill, Philip Law, Jeffrey Olson, Brian D. Taylor, Martin Wachs, and Asha Weinstein
in Proceedings of the Berkeley- Tottori Joint Seminar on Modal Coordination in Intercity Transportation: A US-Japan Comparison, Yasuhide Okuyama and Hideyuki Kita, EditorsKoyama, Japan: Ueda Insatsu Ltd. Pages 1-9.
Publication year: 1999
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Tags: freeways, highways, planning politics, policy, transport history

Gender, Race, and Travel Behavior: An Analysis of Household-Serving Travel and Commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area

Conference Proceedings
Taylor, Brian D. and Michael Mauch
in Women's Travel Issues: Proceedings from the Second National Conference, October 1996FHWA-PL-97-024. Washington, D. C. : Office of Highway Information Management, Federal Highway Administration, U. S. Department of Transportation. Pages 371-405.
Publication year: 1998
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Tags: equity, home and work location, travel behavior

Overview of Strategies for Making Connections Between Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality: Summary of Proceedings from Annual Symposium Series on the Transportation/Land Use/Air Quality Connection

Conference Proceedings
Taylor, Brian D. and Elham Shirazi
Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Extension Public Policy Program. Pages 1-16.
Publication year: 1992
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Tags: finance, freeways, highways, planning politics, policy, pricing, traffic congestion